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  • Like many home-sellers, are you concerned about how long it may take to sell your home (and how this – and the price you get – may affect your future plans)?
  • Are you worried you’ll spend thousands on advertising and still get no response, or be forced to discount your price to get a buyer?
  • Do you dread the thought of having to keep your house spotless during the sales period (and feel awkward about having strangers poke around your family home)?
  • Do you want to get the highest possible sales price without wasting time and money on unnecessary renovations (and wish somebody could give you honest guidance
    in this area)?
  • And like most home-sellers, do you wish there was somebody you could trust to help you get a faster sale and a higher price, with fewer hassles, so you can put more in your pocket for your next home?

Request A Free Appraisal & Sale Accelerator Session and see how Zevesto can help you sell your home up to 38% faster, easier, and for a higher price.

How Zevesto Helps You Achieve a Quicker, Easier, More Lucrative Home Sale

21 days


on the market

  • 21 fewer days trying to keep your house tidy
  • 21 fewer days feeling unsure about your future
  • 21 fewer days waiting to collect your money

How do we achieve such amazing results? Our holistic approach includes...

Powerful Internal Marketing

Unlike other agents that rely mainly on online listings, Zevesto has one of the largest internal databases to match buyers and sellers in days instead of the months. It also means you may be able to save thousands on advertising.

Ethical Sales Skills

While other agents claim to be top negotiators, the agents at Zevesto are trained in ethical Solution-Based Selling and participate in weekly workshops to ensure you get a higher price and a faster sale.

Fixing Flaws

Although other agents won’t tell you, every home has flaws that depress the value and slow their sale. We’ll point out your home’s flaws. And show you how to fix them fast and affordably (and even introduce you to our network of trusted tradies). This will help you get more for your home without wasting money on unnecessary renovations.

Highlighting Features

Just as homes have flaws, they are full of valuable features. While average agents gloss over these things, Zevesto agents highlight them for buyers, transforming your property from a house into a home that they picture themselves living in. When that happens, your house is as good as sold.

Virtual Tours

Don’t like the thought of crowds of strangers poking around your home? Neither do we. Zevesto conducts virtual tours and only invites qualified buyers for a personal inspection.

Guaranteed Sale

While other agents pressure you into signing restrictive contracts, our agreement is simple: No sale, no fee. That way you can be sure we’re working for you.

What Other Home Sellers Say

Here’s what real home-sellers say about their experience working with Zevesto
and the results we have helped them achieve...

Rob Ford is a credit to the real estate industry

Dear Rob, It is with sincere gratitude that I write this testimonial to you. Buying and selling real estate is financially one of the biggest decisions we have to make. In my case it was a change in personal circumstances that I decided to sell the three investment units in Queensland. Living interstate I have…Read More→

M.Scmitzer - Lockleyes, S.A
Prompt, polite and nothing is a bother

We first spoke with Progress Properties in November 2011 before we visited Brisbane. In early 2012, they made contact to see how we were going with our search for an investment property then offered us an opportunity to speak with Brett Devenish, explaining his role with the company. We first met with Brett on 27…Read More→

S& D Ryles - Ferntree Gully, VIC
Perseverance, professionalism, compassion and hard work

To Whom It May Concern, This is a letter of recommendation for Samantha Baker. Any potential Buyers or Sellers can feel confident if Samantha is looking after your property.  From the very start she was very professional in her manner of selling our property & kept us informed each week as to how everything was…Read More→

Dragan & Vesna
Professional, faultless service

Hi Sam, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your efforts in selling our property.  We should have given you the chance to sell it months ago and we probably would have saved ourselves some stress. We are absolutely wrapped that you were able to sell our property so quickly.  Thankyou, Thankyou,…Read More→

Lara & Quentin
Highly recommended

I enlisted the help of Harry Peters and Rob Ford to sell my property in Pacific Pines. I had previously tried to sell with two other agents in the local area which didn’t work out. I am extremely happy with the results that Harry was able to achieve with the sale of my home. I…Read More→

Anita Castillo
Amazing! Would recommend to anyone

Harry had a wealth of market knowledge for his age. He is very professional when it came to communicating with both myself and buyers. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone who is wanting to sell their home and achieve the highest price.


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  • You’ll get fresh ideas about what you can do – quickly, easily and affordably – to boost the value of your home and make it attractive to eager buyers
  • You’ll identify barriers that may prevent your home from selling (and ideas to
    overcome these things without wasting money on unnecessary renovations)
  • And you’ll explore how the team at Zevesto can help you sell your home faster, easier and for a higher price, so you can put more in your pocket for your next home
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