About Us

The idea of Zevesto began in 2011 when Australia was in the grips of the Global Financial Crisis. Rob Ford was working for one of the largest property investment companies in the country as a senior investment strategist.

Frustrated by the lack of transparency and one size fits all approach the industry was taking, Rob started planning a better way to help people buy, sell and rent properties that were suitable for their unique journey.

Having grown up on the Southside of Brisbane, he already knew and loved the area. And so Zevesto started, amongst the rapid closures of local real estate businesses during the financial crisis, in a tiny office in Logan Rd Underwood on the 1st of July of 2011.

Staying true to our commitment to provide honest, extra-mile service, Zevesto grew quickly. Not only has the internal team grown over the years, Zevesto has developed a valuable industry network, enabling us to:

Help homeowners sell their homes faster and for a higher price – without all the hassles and headaches so many sellers suffer.

Help buyers find the exact house they want and negotiate on their behalf to get it for the lowest possible price. And we give buyers access to off-market properties before competition pushes prices higher.

Help Landlords get higher rent and better tenants in their properties.

To maintain the highest levels of service, Zevesto continually invests in cutting edge Software Management Systems and weekly staff training sessions. Unlike many Real Estate Offices that adopt high-pressure and questionable sales techniques, we are committed to Ethical Solutions-Based Selling. Honesty is our first policy. 

What About Our Name?

The name Zevesto comes from a blend of our underlying values, our unlimited and inexhaustible passion and energy to build unbreakable property partnerships that start with positive energy and deliver valued investment momentum.

Our energy is always invested to achieve positive property opportunities.

Energy = zeal. Invest = vest. Opportunity = O. We are Zevesto.

Free Advice from Ethical, Local Property Experts

Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or rent a property in Brisbane, we invite you to get in touch for a Free Consultation. We’ll listen carefully as we seek to understand your needs. And we’ll give you expert advice from our 8 years of local knowledge and experience. If we can help you more formally, we’d naturally be delighted to be called ‘Your Real Estate Agents’. But let’s just start with a free initial chat. Click here or call 07 3133 3808 and we look forward to helping you soon.