How To Choose A Property Manager

Who Helps You Get Higher Rent And Better Tenants

Warning: Not All Property Managers Are the Same

A quick Google Search will likely reveal lots of Property Managers in your area. When they all claim to be professional, experienced, and charge roughly the same fees, it can be difficult to choose.

Yet the Office of Fair Trading regularly receives more complaints about Property Managers than any other industry – including used cars salesmen. So, choosing the right property manager can mean the difference between…

  • Maximising rental returns, or losing thousands in low rent
  • Maximising occupancy, or losing thousand through vacancy
  • Maximising tenant longevity, or losing thousands in tenant turnover
  • Saving thousands in repairs and maintenance, or losing thousands in repairs and maintenance
  • Positive cash flow, or negative cash flow
  • The ability to buy another property and accelerate your wealth, or the need to sell your property, eroding your wealth potential

How Zevesto Helps You Manage Your Property

The team at Zevesto has helped hundreds of investors in Brisbane make more from their rental properties over the past 8 years. Here’s some of the specific things we do to ensure you get higher rent, better tenants, and a positive, profitable rental experience…

Capped Client Management
Apart from apathy, the number reason most Property Managers let their clients down is simply because they are trying to manage too many properties with too few staff. Here at Zevesto, we have strict staffing policies to ensure your Property Manager has the time to look after your property properly.

Software Management System
Coordinating inspections, rent collection, maintenance, tenancy agreements and a dozen other daily tasks that go into looking after your property take planning and organisation. That’s why we use an advanced Software Management System to ensure nothing gets missed.

Weekly In-House Training
As your Property Manager, we represent you. And we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we conduct weekly in-house training in tenancy law, time management, ethical solution-based selling, and even ‘people’ skills to ensure everything runs smoothly and everybody is happy.

Secure Key Management
You’d be shocked at how many Property Managers hand prospective tenants a set of keys and let them inspect properties on their own. Not only is this practice highly risky (as anybody can easily copy the keys), it means your property is not presented professionally. Our Property Managers conduct personal tours to maintain security and sell the features and benefits of your home to maximise the rental return.  

Comprehensive Background Checks
When it comes to choosing who to allow to live in your home (which is arguably one of your most valuable assets), you can’t be too careful. That’s why we conduct comprehensive background checks including rental history, employment, and personal references.

Communication Guarantee
There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what’s going on. We guarantee to send you a monthly rent report, quarterly inspection report, and return emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

Are You Ready for Higher Rent and Better Tenants?

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