Straight answers to all your questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are often asked. If you have another question or would like more information, please contact us or call 07 3133 3808.

What does Zevesto do?

Home sellers: Zevesto helps homeowners sell their homes faster and for a higher price – without all the hassles and headaches so many sellers suffer.

Home buyers: Zevesto helps buyers find the exact house they want and negotiate on their behalf to get it for the best possible price. And we give buyers access to off-market properties before competition pushes prices higher.

Landlords: Zevesto Property Managers help investors get higher rent and better tenants in their properties.

How is Zevesto different to other Real Estate Agents and Property Managers?

Specialised Suburb Knowledge: The team at Zevesto have in-depth knowledge about the streets and properties in the suburbs of Brisbane, enabling us to give you better advice and service.

Largest Database: Through our internal database, we match buyers and sellers faster and more efficiently.

Guaranteed Results: If we don’t sell your property, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. 

How much do your services cost?

Nothing about Zevesto is average, except our fees. We charge industry standard rates for House Sales and Property Management. Contact us for a Free Consultation regarding your specific property needs.

How are your agents better than other agents?

We only hire people who are willing to learn and keen to give their best. Then we train them in our ethical, effective systems. And we support them so they become successful providing superior results for our clients. 

What do you mean you have off-market properties?

We work hard to build and maintain our database and our industry network so we can match buyers and sellers more efficiently. This gives our sellers faster results. And it gives our buyers access to properties before they are available on the open market.

Who are the people behind Zevesto?

In 2011, Rob Ford founded Zevesto and is still involved in the daily operations. Read our story here.