An Easier Way To Find
The Exact House You Want

And Get It For The Best Price

How To Avoid The Hassles And Headaches Of House Hunting

Looking for a new home or investment property can be exciting at first. But after weeks (sometimes months) searching online every night and weekends driving from one open house to another, it can soon become a tiresome chore.

Add to that the difficulty trying to compare basic features that are hidden in misleading ‘sales spin’. And images that are Photoshopped beyond recognition. And it can all become too much.

And then, when you finally think you’ve found a house, you discover it’s already sold, or the price is way more than what was advertised. And so, your search begins again.

A Better Way To Buy Your Dream Home Or Investment Property

The team at Zevesto take all the hassles and headaches out of buying your dream home or investment property.

  • Don’t waste hours searching online – we’ll bring the best opportunities to you
  • Don’t waste days visiting open houses – we’ll narrow the choice and only show you homes that match your exact buying criteria
  • And don’t risk overpaying – we’ll negotiate the best price on your behalf

Local Knowledge And Better Value Off-Market Opportunities

Unlike other Buyers Agents who attempt to be experts nationally, the team at Zevesto focuses on the suburbs of Brisbane and has more than 8 year’s in-depth knowledge of the streets and properties in this region including…

  • The most sought-after streets (and those you should stay away from)
  • The most popular style of house
  • The inside scoop on upcoming infrastructure developments (and how they are likely to affect house prices)
  • Liabilities most people miss that threaten to erode prices
  • Where to find undervalued homes that are set to boom

And while other agents compete with buyers in the open market, Zevesto gives you access to a huge database of off-market properties that offer better value.

Your Next Step Towards Finding Your Dream Home Or Investment Property

The process of finding a home or investment property in Brisbane is simple and starts with an Off-Market Property Network Consultation where we:

  • Help you clarify exactly what you want in a home or investment property (our simple Buyer Survey prioritises your preferences and gives you a detailed Property Brief) 
  • Show you example properties to bring you up-to-date with the current market (get decades of local knowledge in just minutes)
  • Introduce you to off-market opportunities that match your buying criteria (without wasting another minute searching online)
  • Explain our sourcing and negotiation processes to help you find the exact house you want (and get it at the best price)

Your Off-Market Property Network Consultation is 100% Free and without obligation. Whether you choose to engage our services further or not, you will receive valuable market insights that save you many hours of research.

Naturally, we can source the ideal property and negotiate on your behalf, helping you find the exact house you want and get it for the best price.

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