Rob Ford is a credit to the real estate industry

Dear Rob,

It is with sincere gratitude that I write this testimonial to you.

Buying and selling real estate is financially one of the biggest decisions we have to make.

In my case it was a change in personal circumstances that I decided to sell the three investment units in Queensland.

Living interstate I have often received promotional letters from various real estate companies requiring properties for listing and yours arrived at the time I had made the decision to sell.

Each of the three units have their own story.

The first sold within two days and the second sold quickly as well, and the third has now sold after a few setbacks due to termite damage.

The process of selling these units has not been straight forward as you have had to deal with the onsite manager, a person who has tried to make everything as difficult as possible and by his own words “would not co-operate in any way”.

You have, at each step of the transactions kept me informed and guided me through the necessary paperwork. Thank you for being patient with me and making yourself available to answer the many questions I put to you.

At the time my situation with the onsite manager became untenable, your support was very much appreciated and the professional way in which you took over the management of the unit was such a relief.

To the person who is reading this I can say that Rob Ford is a credit to the real estate industry. He was honest in his valuation of the properties and has been able to sell them at the contracted price.
At all times he has been friendly, polite and confident in meeting the challenges (of which there were many) that were put before him.

Rob, I know you will be a success because of your commitment and professional conduct and I wish you well.

Carpe Diem

M.Scmitzer - Lockleyes, S.A