Sell your home faster (and for a higher price) with these open home preparation tips

April 23, 2021

Improving your home’s appearance prior to placing it on the market is a reliable way to (a) increase its sale price and (b) decrease its time on the market. In other words, investing time and some money into making your home look fresh, clean, and modern can deliver great dividends to Brisbane home sellers.

In this article I want to explore some of the strategies and tactics we recommend our clients implement before they begin an open home season. I’ve divided them into two categories: preparing to sell (which is the ‘groundwork’ needed to get your home ready for inspections) and a checklist of items to implement in the hours immediately prior to an open home.

Preparing To Sell:

Implement these strategies and tactics in the weeks prior to your open home campaign:

Conduct “80/20” Maintenance

There are certain small tasks homeowners can complete that will provide a large improvement to your home’s value. In the context of pre-open-home maintenance, these include:

  • Improving your front door’s appearance. Your front door is one of the first focal points for many potential home buyers — so giving it a lick of paint and upgrading its lock and handle is a great way to improve your home’s gravitas.
  • Upgrading door handles and window fittings throughout the home. Potential homeowners will touch door handles, and look through windows, so it makes sense to improve their appearance.
  • Upgrading plumbing fittings (taps, mixers, shower/bath heads etc.) where possible. Once again, potential homeowners will be drawn to items they may want to touch.

Hang Mirrors & Art

Hanging mirrors will increase a room’s perceived space, and make it look and feel larger than it actually is.

Well placed artwork can make a room or space seem brighter, and often form an emotional connection with potential buyers. This can contribute to greater demand for your property, which drives up its asking price.

Utilise Greenery

Placing tasteful indoor greenery around living areas can also improve your home’s mood and perceived size.

Additionally, making sure that your yard, and its lawns and tree-life, is green and maintained will contribute to your home’s perceived value.

Keep Your Exterior Clean, Too

Keeping your home’s exterior clean is also important. Over time, dust can collect on weatherboards, bricks, or render etc. which can dull its colours. A simple hose-down (and maybe a scrub with a soft broom) will do most of the cleaning work here, unless you have a significant build-up of dirt and grime).

Provide Lifestyle Cues

Another great tip is to provide ‘lifestyle’ cues to potential purchasers. The goal of this strategy is to associate your home with aspirational activities or lifestyles. For example, placing contemporary towels or furniture around your pool may inspire some buyers. And having fun kids’ rooms or activity rooms may inspire buyers.

Pre-Open Home:

Implement these strategies and tactics a few hours prior to your open home:

Optimise Entrances & View Angles

The first impression of a room or space (or your home in general) will go a long way. Make sure the entry way to main living areas is neat and tidy.

Additionally, make sure that every room’s ‘view angle’—the view that someone sees when they stand in each room’s doorway—looks great for every room. This means you’ll need to keep rooms clutter free and looking almost as if they were staged for a magazine.

Fill All Rooms With Fresh Air

At least two hours before your open home begins, open all of your windows and doors (avoiding insects where possible) to increase air flow throughout your home. The aim of this strategy is to eliminate any odours or stale air.

Increase Natural Light

Let as much natural light as possible into living areas and bedrooms. How you do this will depend on your home’s layout and features.

Make Sure Your Flooring Is Clean

Whether they realise it or not, many potential homebuyers will assess your home’s quality based on the state of your flooring. Vacuum and/or mop your floors prior to every open home.

Eliminate Bad Odours, Create Positive Scents

Potential homebuyers will judge a home based on the way it smells. Make sure there are no unwelcoming odours coming from garbage cans, wet areas, or anywhere else.

If possible, create welcoming scents by using a diffuser or scented candles. Don’t go overboard with these scents, as some people may be turned away if the scent is too much!

Have Clean Linen On Display

Fresh white bedroom linen contributes significantly to the perceived style of a home. Prior to your open home, make your beds with fresh white sheets and duvet covers. Litter each bed with an abundance of large pillows. If you need inspiration, spend a few minutes looking at bedroom ideas images on Pinterest.

Look Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Finally, before your open home begins, ask a friend or family member to walk through your home. Often, a fresh pair of eyes will uncover issues or opportunities that you haven’t yet seen.

If you’d like to find out more about strategies for selling your home faster and for a higher price, before Brisbane’s market changes, click here to learn more.

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