At Zevesto, our team is trained beyond the traditional Property Management role to understand the intricacies of property as a financial investment. They understand the profitability of each individual investment and can work together with you to achieve your goals for your properties and portfolio.

In addition to the day-to-day management of your asset, our educated Investment Managers provide strategic advice including return on investment for renovations, upgrades, and marketing spend. They’ll make recommendations on how to gain a competitive advantage in the rental market, and which investments are performing in line with your long-term goals or may need to be moved on from your portfolio.


Zevesto Property Group
Right. Ready.


Personal Investment Manager

Frequent and clear communication. Trained & incentivized to run their portfolios like a business within our business

Best-in-class Marketing

Quality professional photographs and professionally written marketing copy. A leasing style that creates urgency and demand for your property

Careful Tenant Selection

History of stability, strong rental references, financial capacity, and clear on all default databases

Rent Payment Management

We maintain less than 2.5% rent arrears across our entire portfolio. Tight management process to ensure rent payments are made in advance

Access To Owner Portal

Powerful management software that provides owners with real-time access to all their property and financial information

Maximize Return On Investment

We reappraise your property upon each tenancy agreement renewal. CMA report provided with our research.


“Zevesto have been very professional as our property managers for our investment property. Always clear communication, professional & responsive. Never had an issue with any of the staff, always kind and courteous. A pleasure to deal with.”

Ta & Effie Kokaua

“I inspected a property that Zevesto had for rent and was interested in. The Property Manager (Kirra) was a pleasure to deal with, she was polite and extremely efficient through the whole process, from viewing the property through to application.”

Marlee Jo Davis

“The Team at Zevesto Property Group were very Professional And They Looked After us. Thank You Zevesto Property Group”

stephenJackStephen green