How do real estate agents find buyers for their properties?

November 18, 2020

Selling your home is a big deal. After all, there are plenty of things to take care of:

  • Your property must look (and ‘feel’) fantastic
  • Your property must have its “X” factor on display (hint: creating your home’s “X” factor is one of our favourite strategies)
  • It must be priced very carefully
  • You’ll need to present your property immaculately in marketing collateral (via photos, videos, virtual tours, brochures, and more)
  • You’ll need to be prepared for open homes (including COVID-19 prep)
  • All of the legal and finance ‘stuff’ must be squared away
  • And more…

However, there’s one part of the ‘home selling formula’ that is essential, regardless of the above:

You need quality buyers for your property.

Obviously, if your property has zero interested buyers, it won’t sell.

On the flip side, when there are multiple buyers interested in your home it’s possible to sell your home for a much higher price.

In other words, more potential buyers = higher potential sale price.It’s as simple as that.

This means it’s critical to showcase your property to as many high-quality buyers as possible.

You probably know all of the above… however you might not know HOW agents find a torrent of buyers for your home.

In this article, I explain some of the most effective strategies skilled real estate agents use to FIND those “unicorn” buyers who’ll help you get the highest sale price possible…

Method 1: Classic Real Estate Portals

The most common way to attract buyers is by listing a property on major real estate portals like realestate.com.au or Domain.

While this is a straightforward process, skilled agents take it a step further by tailoring a listing to appeal to the type(s) of buyers most likely to purchase the property. For example, investors are looking for logical features and benefits, whereas owner-occupiers are (generally) looking for an emotional connection to a property.

Skilled agents leverage the benefits and “X” factor the property has going for it, relative to the target “ideal” buyer(s).

Method 2: Knowing The Market And Pricing it Correctly

The second way a real estate agent finds buyers is by pricing a property correctly.

If a property is priced too high, interest might be low and there won’t be enough buyers to compete against each other.

Agents might try and entice buyers by listing properties using pricing language like “from ‘$500,000’” instead of giving a specific price. If an agent suspects there will be stiff competition, they might even say something like “accepting offers” instead of a price.

In any case, a skilled agent understands local market supply and demand… and then prices a property accordingly.

Method Three: Adding Extra Perceived Value To A Property

You’ll attract more buyers if your property is presented appropriately.

A good agent understands the most efficient ways to improve the condition and perceived value of a home, whether it be via a tidy up, cosmetic renovations, and/or staging (staging is the use of furniture to ‘dress up’ a home and appeal to certain types of buyers).

A good agent will also know the right numbers and data to share with potential investor-purchasers. Investors are more concerned with yield and growth than their emotional attachment to a home.

Method Four: Tightly Targeted Advertising

Many good sales agents are now using very targeted advertising to showcase their properties to the right types of buyers.

Using methods like Facebook advertising, a sales agent is able to be very specific with who gets to see an ad for a property. This can be as specific as an age bracket (over 60s for a downsizer type property) or location-specific, as we know that the majority of properties sell to people who already live or work in a given area.

Higher-end properties might require additional advertising strategies, and some agents may go to the lengths of featuring a property in digital native advertising or articles on listing sites. We see this commonly when a celebrity sells their property and it attracts plenty of interest.

Method Five: Video Campaigns

More and more agents are using video to sell the features, benefits, and unique selling points of their properties.

A strong video campaign will highlight all the great features of a property, and may offer additional formats like virtual reality and 3D tours.

Method Six: Using A Network Of Ready-To-Buy Prospects

All of the previously listed strategies are powerful, however it’s important to note that they are widely available. Almost every agent can access these strategies.

If you’re looking for an agent with a little extra firepower, ask them about their network of motivated, ready-to-buy prospects.

One of the most powerful ways to direct a pack of potential buyers towards a property is via a database. A good agent has a large database of potential buyers who are actively looking in the area, or renters who are wanting to buy a house of their own.

The very best agents use this network to find buyers quickly… which can create the conditions for a bidding frenzy.

We have one of the largest internal databases in Brisbane… and we use it to sell properties 38 per cent faster than our competition.

How Zevesto Sells Your Home Faster

Here are some of the things we do to get you a faster sale and higher price, without all the headaches and hassles so many home sellers suffer:

Extra-Mile, No-Compromise Attitude

The laid-back Aussie lifestyle we all love works perfectly in our private lives. But when it comes to professional services, it leads to frustration, mistakes and missed opportunities that cost time and money. When the team at Zevesto ‘suit up’, we are committed to excellence. And we have a proven systems to deliver – every time. 

Faster Sales Through Internal Marketing

With our database of buyers and sellers, we often get offers for properties within hours – without any advertising. Not only does this enable us to sell properties faster, it gives us valuable ‘private’ feedback from the market before we launch a campaign ‘publicly’, helping us to highlight features that fetch a higher price.

Capitalising On Fast Starts

The first 10 days are the most important when selling your house because that’s the best time to attract new buyers. While many agencies miss this by listing properties without proper photos, description and pricing details, we follow a proven process to hit the ground running with a strong campaign from day #1.

More Effective, More Ethical Sales Process

When other agents tell you that they are a ‘top negotiator’, it probably means they have attended a weekend course on sales tactics. We don’t stand for that in our office. Instead, we train our agents in Ethical Solutions-Based Selling that helps prospective buyers sell themselves on buying your home.

Maximising Value

We’ve all watched TV renovation shows and marvelled at the transformations. But what about the cost? Oftentimes it’s just not worth the money and effort. We’ll show you simple, affordable things you can do to sell your home faster and get back thousands more than you spend.

No-Fuss Inspections

Open House Inspections can work wonders. But they can also be a nightmare for sellers who have to keep their home clean week after week. Plus, there’s that awkward feeling of having strangers traipse through your home. Our strategy of Virtual Tours leads to fewer Open House Inspections with better results.

Guaranteed Sale

We promise performance and therefore think we should only be paid on performance. So, our contract with you is simple: No sale, no fee. That way you can be sure you get the results you want.

Your Next Step Towards a Faster, Smoother, More Lucrative Home Sale

Would you like to sell your home faster and for a higher price, without the headaches and hassles so many home sellers suffer? Request A Free Appraisal & Sales Accelerator Session – we’ll give you a realistic appraisal of your house, and a proactive plan to help you achieve a successful sale.

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