TJ Rao

TJ Rao
Sales Cadet
Mobile 0476617793

TJ is a highly motivated sales agent for Zevesto Property Group, originally from India but currently living in Australia. He has an extensive background in business, and is even currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business with majors in Marketing and Business Analytics.

Prior to joining Zevesto Property Group, he was a consultant at one of the Big 4 firms. During his time there, he developed a great set of skills and established himself as a trusted advisor to many clients.

At Zevesto Property Group, TJ strives to provide top-notch customer service and satisfaction. He takes pride in staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies so that he can better assist his clients in making informed decisions about their real estate investments.

In addition, TJ is an avid reader who enjoys picking up books related to self improvement, productivity and Stoicism. This knowledge helps him stay focused on achieving his goals which include becoming a successful and top-tier agent for both Camp Hill and Balmoral areas.

He is always looking for new opportunities to grow professionally, learn new things and develop his skills even further so that he can reach his full potential. With his highly analytical mindset, relentless work ethic and dedication towards providing outstanding customer service – he is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an experienced sales agent who’s driven by success!

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