Meet Shane

Meet Shane
Head Of Property Management

If you’re looking for a property manager to manage your property, look no further than Shane Booth. Shane is part of the Zevesto leadership team and is the Head of Property Management. As the head of property management, Shane and his team oversee the daily management of upwards of 250 properties. With 23 years’ experience in the industry, Shane is an accomplished manager whose knowledge and expertise place him well in front of his competitors, and he is highly regarded in the real estate industry for this exact reason.

Shane began his real estate career working as a sales cadet, however soon found his true calling in property management. A true mediator, he prides himself on his ability to effectively resolve conflicts and thrives with the challenges property management provides him.

As one of the longest serving employees at Zevesto Property Group, Shane has made waves in improving the Property Management department. Over the past 3 years Shane has completely restructured the department to ensure maximum efficiency, not only for the team at Zevesto but also for the clients he manages.

Shane doesn’t exclusively service or favor one particular area of Brisbane, instead he actively aims to provide a high-quality service, irrespective of location. He loves the diversity of the people he meets and enjoys that no two days are the same. Shane also prides himself on being able to give his clients direct, honest, and relevant information about the properties he manages, and always puts his own personal beliefs aside to ensure that the property is managed with the best intentions.

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