Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien
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Michael O’Brien is the business partner and principal selling agent of Zevesto Property Group. With 19 years’ experience behind him, he has successfully dominated the real estate industry to provide exceptional service to each and every client he works with.

Michael began his real estate career fresh out of high school. As a teen he knew he wanted to work in real estate due to his natural ability to read and understand people and use this to understand what his clients truly wanted – to ensure they were beyond satisfied. As a child who came from a family who didn’t have a lot, Michael recognizes how important owning a house can be to some people, and feels that he can relate to people more thanks to this upbringing. This also means that he understands the value of hard work, and will always put the effort in to sell a property.

Working his way up the ladder over the years, Michael has held many positions including advisory roles and at one point even owning his own real estate company, and he feels that these roles laid the foundations to make him the excellent salesperson and business partner he is today. Not only is Michael an incomparable salesperson, he also doubles as an auctioneer for Zevesto and many other real estate franchises. This gives Michael the extra edge when selling a property, and allows him to provide his clients with expertise unmatched by similar real estate agents.
Michael enjoys primarily working on the Southside of Brisbane due to the fact that he finds it vibrant, and an action-packed environment. He also enjoys working in the areas he does because he finds the people who reside there are real, and he respects them for that.

Michael is consistently achieving high results for his clients, and doesn’t stop until he’s sure they’re happy with the results. This is proven by his high sales record (highest being 76 transactions in a year which totaled just under a million dollars’ worth of gross sales), and the fact he has been awarded Zevesto’s highest honor of number one salesperson of the year for multiple years.

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