Meet Phylia

Meet Phylia
Sales Cadet

Phylia is a vibrant and ambitious Sales Agent for Zevesto Property Group. Originally from the Netherlands, she was raised in an environment that encouraged hard work and dedication. Her career in hospitality started at fourteen years old, working her way up to become manager of a top-rated restaurant. During this time, she developed a strong rapport with customers through her unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and care.

In addition to her professional career, Phylia has also been passionate about martial arts for most of her life. At 18 years old, she began teaching children Judo at her father’s dojo. This inspired and motivated her to further pursue excellence in the martial arts field which culminated in being awarded the bronze prize for international martial arts teacher of the year at 24 years old.

Phylia loves spending quality time with family – both human and canine! She cherishes the moments spent with her partner and their dog exploring new places, reading books together or drinking some fine wine while enjoying each other’s company. Travel is also something very close to Phylia’s heart; having travelled extensively throughout different cultures, it has provided her with an array of unique experiences that continue to shape her today.

Nowadays, Phylia focuses on achieving success as a Sales Agent for Zevesto Property Group. She strives daily to learn more about the industry and always ensures that each customer receives a personalized service experience throughout their journey with Zevesto Property Group. Through her enthusiasm and ambition, she looks forward to making a positive impact on the local property market by providing value-driven solutions for clients looking to buy or sell their homes.

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